Turning a Passion into a Job

There comes a time in every young women’s life that they need to grow up and move on to the next chapter in life. One big step a young woman will face is graduating college and finding a job. Finding a job can be one of the most stressful, scariest decisions we have to make at this time. We want to find the perfect job! A job where we wake up every morning feeling excited about going to work and nervous about what is to come that day! At such a young age we search for an adventure, we love the unknown!

6 months ago I was in that same spot! I was so excited to be graduating college a semester early, I applied for jobs, interviewed for jobs and even got a few job offers. One day sitting in my dorm, yes I lived in a dorm my last semester, it was the cheapest, I got a call from a fairly large dairy genetic company. I spoke with the Human Resources lady for a few minutes and was very interested in the position than she explained the benefits and then the pay. I about fell over in my chair, never did I expect to get offered that large of amount straight out of college! I wanted to accept the job right there, however, the professional thing to do is ask for a few days to think about it and get back to them. Shocked at what this human resource lady told me I quickly called my mom and shared my great news, next on the list was to call my fiancé and share with him! I was on cloud 9 it was a great day! An hour later I received another phone call from a dairy nutritionist who I have looked up to since my family moved to the area. He called to see if I had found a job yet. I respond with no not yet but I did just get an offer. He continues on to tell me that he has been calling companies up to help me find a job for me, and he thinks he found one. That was great and all but I needed to interview and go through the whole application process. We all know that sometimes this can take weeks! I explained ok great but this needs to be done ASAP I have another job offer on the table that I need to respond to. I was told that the manager of the company would get ahold of me to set something up. I will fast forward a few days. Lets just say the whole process was very stressful! The manager and I played phone tag for about a week after the initial interview process and when I finally did speak to him he told me he still wasn’t sure if the job would be accepted by the board of the company. This job I was applying for didn’t even exist at this time. Talk about making a girl nervous! At this time it is mid-November and I had 24 hours to get back to my first job offer! I called the dairy nutritionist and asked him what was the chance that I would get this job? He told me 90%. Okay, that’s great and all but that’s still not a job! I was graduating college in a month and needed a job! I told him, this is a chance I am going to take. I declined my first job offer, you guys are probably thinking that was the dumb decision and you are right I thought it was too. However, this is something I needed to do! For some reason, I felt like God was pushing me to stay positive and that good was going to come out of all this. A few days later I was offered a job with New Vision Coop in Brewster, MN as a Ruminant Feed Technician in simpler terms Calf and Heifer Specialist and if that still confuses you Feed Sales, and 6 months later here I am and loving it.

During my job search, one thing I knew was I wasn’t going to decide a career based off of salary or benefits. To me that didn’t seem right, I wanted a job I was passionate about. I knew that I wanted to find a job in feed and nutrition, through the course of my internships I know my strength wasn’t in genetics or breeding, I had a greater passion for the nutrition side of the dairy industry. Regardless of what kind of job you want make sure to follow your passion! As young adults in agriculture sometimes its hard to find something you are passionate about, but just remember your first job doesn’t need to be your last.


“Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows. He chose to give us birth through the word of truth, that we might be a kind of first fruits of all he created.”

-James 1:17-20

I know you don’t know my life story yet, but I promise I will get there, but for now I need to get a few things off my mind.IMG_4858



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